When you make candles you work with different items and chemicals. You should always be aware of the possible dangers and should follow the necessary safety precautions for making candles to avoid any trouble and injuries. If you do not follow some basic guidelines and the instructions from the suppliers, you can get into major difficulties. Making candles is a wonderful hobby and can be big fun for you and your whole family, especially for your kids. However, you handle hot melted candle wax with other chemicals like fragrances and dye so it is in your best interest to understand the potential risks of Read the rest of this entry

making gel candlesGel candles are easy to make and you can give them your personal look. Basic candle gel for making gel candles is a clear compound. The design choices are limitless and you can showcase your creative fantasy by adding various parts into the candle gel. You can design special arrangements and stories and your creation is best viewable if you use only gel without any dye or only a little bit to support your arrangement. Further you should use clear glass containers so everybody can see your artwork. Fixing the set in parts near the glass container wall will make them more visible. You can also color the gel with a dye you like for a great appearance without any decorative parts in the gel.

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A short 7 steps description of making natural soy container candles.

1. Prepare the containers for your natural soy container candles

natural soy container candlesFirst you have to decide how many natural soy container candles you want to make. Next, pick the respective number of glass containers, clean them and glue in the wick. Press the wick firmly onto the glass container bottom for a few seconds until it is fixed.
You can easy center the wicks with clothes spins across the glass container.

2. Measure the soy wax

The volume of soy wax depends on the glass container size. As the soy wax density is only a little bit less than water you can roughly calculate Read the rest of this entry

natural soy candlesYou can use candles in many ways. You can use them only for decoration or to fill a room with their pleasant aroma while burning. You can give them a special place in ceremonies, such as in birthday celebrations or weddings. Also at special times like Christmas we often use candles in our culture.

You can use many types of candles but natural soy candles are a great choice having our environment in mind. Soy candles are available in so many different sizes and shapes so you can choose from a huge selection of these candles. Further there are more fragrances of your choice as Read the rest of this entry

container candlesContainer candles are a great choice to beautify the rooms in your home. If you want to make your own container candles at home you should choose sturdy glassware with a simple design. The best form is a straight form or a decrease of the diameter from top to the bottom. This will make it easy to fill the container with melted wax and to place the candlewick.

Find the right glass jars for your container candles

You can find and buy this glassware for a low price at most retail stores. Today you can also Read the rest of this entry

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